News 2023

May — Ning Lin becomes the founding Editor-in-Cheif of npj Natural Hazards.

May — Ning Lin is being promoted to be a Full Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton.

April — Qingchun Li accepts an offer to become an Assistant Professor in Construction Engineering at Purdue University. Congratulations!

March — Avantika Gori accepts an offer to become an Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University in January 2024. Congratulations!

February — Our study on sequential TC hazards is published on Nature Climate Change. The paper is accompanied by a Research Briefing in Nature Climate Change, and covered by Princeton Engineering, AP, NPR, and other news outlets.

News 2022

News 2021

  • Nov. 2021 — Dazhi Xi receives School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Awards for Excellence for 2021. Congratulations!
  • Oct. 2021 — Ning Lin is interviewed by Roland Pease at the BBC Science in Action program, where she discussed about previous paper “Grey Swan Tropical Cyclones“, related to recent Cyclone Shaheen and in light of the winning of Nobel Prize in Physics by Princeton colleague Dr. Suki Manabe.
  • August 2021 — Ning Lin is interviewed at CNN Newsroom with Rosemary Church during Hurricane Henri.
  • August 2021 — Aidan Hintermaier and Warren Yuan join the group to work on their senior thesis research. Welcome!
  • July 2021 — Christine Blackshaw joins the group as a PhD student. Christine received her B.S. in civil and environmental engineering from Columbia University. Welcome!
  • April 2021 — Ning Lin receives ASCE Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize.
  • March 2021 — Together with other Princeton Engineering alumnae, Ning Lin reflects on her graduate study at Princeton, as Princeton engineering celebrates Women’s History Month and the 100th anniversary of Princeton’s engineering school.
  • March 2021 — Dr. Shuai Wang joins the group as a postdoctoral associate. Shuai joined us from Imperial College London, where he received his PhD in atmospheric sciences and worked as a postdoctoral associate. Welcome!
  • March 2021 — Ning Lin’s research on hurricane modeling and hazard analysis is featured on Princeton University Homepage

News 2020


  • Dec 2019 — Renzhi Jing and Kairui Feng receive student travel awards to attend the Symposium on Hurricane Risk in a Changing Climate (June 7-11, 2020, at the Baker’s Cay Resort in Key Largo, Florida). Congratulations!
  • Oct 2019 — Renzhi Jing receives a School of Engineering and Applied Science Award for Excellence. This award is given to SEAS advanced graduate students who have performed at the highest level as scholars and researchers. Congratulations! 
  • Sep 2019 — Our design for coastal resilience for Jamaica Bay is featured on Princeton homepage.
  • Sep 2019 — Our paper on TC flood risk for the US east and gulf coasts is featured by NSF’s 4 Awesome Discoveries.
  • Sep 2019 — Professor Mingfeng Huang visits us for the Fall from Zhejiang University in China. Welcome!
  • August 2019 — Dr. Luis Ceferino Rojas joins the group as an Andlinger Postdoctoral Fellow. Luis graduated with PhD in Civil Engineering from Stanford University in 2019. Welcome!
  • April 2019 — Avantika Gori receives the 2019 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Award. Congratulations!